Justin Luong Ph.D Student

Curriculum Vitae

Academic History

Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Studies, 2017-2022
University of California Santa Cruz, CA
Research Focus: Novel strategies for understanding restoration outcomes facing climate change
Advisors: Michael Loik, Karen Holl

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, 2010-2014
University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
Focus: Restoration Ecology

Teaching Experience

Environmental Studies
University of California Santa Cruz, 2018 - Present
Position: Teaching Assistant

Biology: Ecology and Evolution
University of California Santa Cruz, 2018
Position: Teaching Assistant

The Cheadle Center of Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration
UC Santa Barbara, 2015-2017
1) Position: Field Restoration Ecologist and Coordinator
Teaching Goals: 1. Demonstrate the application of ecological concepts in the field and real world applicability and 2. Teach natural history of coastal ecosystem flora and fauna

Awards and Grants

Northern California Botanist Botany Research Scholarship Program, 2018
“Restoration and Functional Traits”

Graduate Student Associate Travel and Research Grant, 2018
“Carbon:Nitrogen Elemental and Isotope Analysis of Native Plants”

David Gaines Award
Winter 2018

UC Regents Fellowship
Fall 2017, Winter 2018

California Native Plant Society, San Luis Obispo Rare Plant Fund, 2017
“4th Year Assessment of the endangered Lupinus nipomensis restoration”

Minor Grant, the Coastal Fund, 2016
“Assessing soil characteristics of Lupinus nipomensis outplanting”

Minor Grant, the Coastal Fund, 2013
“Assessing soil characteristics of historic coastal sage scrub with different regimes”

Minor Grant, the Coastal Fund, 2012
“Seedbank assessment for Lupinus nipomensis